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A: the auto makers have tried to make suv’s a different category and in most cases they really are. but most states classify any suv as a truck. very often a manufacturer will purposely classify a vehicle as a truck just to help them w/ gas mileage ratings. each manufacturer must produce a certain number of vehicles that get an average gas mileage of xx. (whatever it may be). so they label vehicles trucks that may not really be a truck. chrysler has the pt cruiser that is classified as a truck, chevy has the hhr. both are really cars but the manufacturers call them trucks.

Q: Are the GMC Yukon or Chevy Tahoe are they good suv from 1998-2002? I talking about this big one suv?
Are the GMC Yukon or Chevy Tahoe are they good suv from 1998-2002? I talking about this big one suv? Witch one are Durango or expedition or Yukon , Tahoe witch one have less breakdown? Witch one would you choose?

A: Make sure you check out the April issue of Consumer Reports. It gives detailed evaluations of the cars and also historical repair records. If you don’t subscribe, you can get it at most libraries.

Q: 2008 Cadillac Escalde or 2008 Chevy Tahoe which SUV is better?
In every category please me which is better.

MPG, customer satisfaction, which is more durable, which is more dependable, which lasts longer, fuel efficiency, good quality
etc…. which is better?
Chevy Tahoe is available in Hybrid as well.

A: Heres how it goes. They are both the same car, with different labels on them. The difference comes mainly with price. You are going to pay 35% more for an Escalade. And as soon as you drive the Escalade off the lot, it decreases it’s value to that of the Tahoe. The Tahoe however holds its value much longer.

Q: What SUV should I get a 2010 Audi Q7 OR a 2010 Chevy Tahoe Hybird?
I was going to get a SUV Im either getting the Audi Q7 prestige Or tahoe hybird which one is better?

A: I would personally choose the Tahoe Hybrid 4WD because it’s $7,500 cheaper than the Q7 Prestige quattro AWD and gets significantly better fuel economy.

Q: Is the 2007 Chevy Tahoe a good choice SUV?
I’m in the works of getting a fully loaded 2W 2007 Chevy Tahoe. I’ve looked at websites, but I want to ask public opinion. Is this a good SUV or is there something better within this typical price range?

A: That really depends on your priorities & budget.
I just had customers who traded an 05 Tahoe for an 06 Expedition
There was nothing wrong with the Tahoe.
It just made more financial sense to do this because Ford is offering 0% financing for up to 72 mos. and giving them a $1100 gas card.
Both vehicles fill this family’s needs/wants & are equally equipped , but the ‘Ford Motor Credit’ deal is lowering their currant payment by over $100 a month.
You gotta do whats right for you.
Full Size SUV’s in the same price range…there aren’t that many to compare. Take your time to drive them all. 3 or 4 test drives should’nt take too long.
But unless you are paying cash, you should compare also the finance ‘deals’ that are out there. Also check out pre-owned.
You might just find a 1 year old, low mileage, loaded Tahoe on a Ford lot. & save a bundle of $$$ ( our lot has 4 currantly)
Pre-owned doesn’t nessasarily mean bad vehicle, some times it just means $ sense.

Q: How come chevrolet doesn’t bring the Camaro and a mid-size SUV such as the Tahoe to european countries?
Both would probabally do quite well
Wait they’ve had these over their before?
well the v6 gets 30 mpg and v8 gets 25mpg both which are very good

A: Gasoline cost much more over there.

Q: How much would it cost to have a 50 series suv performance muffler installed on my 97 2 door tahoe?
I know the muffler itself can be bought for about 120, but about how much would it cost to have it installed?

A: 30 or $40 to have it installed, I have 2 50 series flowmaster truck mufflers for sale.

Q: How do I unfold the 3rd row removeable seats for a 2000 Chevy Tahoe? We want to photograph them out of the SUV
We see the 3 levers and don’t want to force anything.

A: To remove the seat, do the following:

Open the liftgate to access the controls for the 50/50 seat and enter the rear of the vehicle.
Fold the seatback forward, the seat cannot be removed unless the seatback is folded.

Unlatch the rear of the seat from the floor by pulling up on the release lever labeled 2, located next to the carrying handle at the rear of the seat.
Lift the rear of the seat up from the floor.

Squeeze the release lever to release the seat from the floor, while pulling the seat out.
While holding the rear of the seat up, roll the seat out of the vehicle.

Q: which suv is better 2002 escalade or 2002 chevy tahoe which one is less likely to break down?
i just want to know which one i should buy i know every car is different but which one is better made the cadillac or the chevy because i had a cadi and it sucked but maybe it was just that one not all of them. tell me what you think. or if theres another one you think is better let me know im also considering the avalanche.

A: You have to realize, a GM truck is a GM truck. Chevy, GMC and Cadillac are all GM brands.

The Tahoe, Escalade, and Yukon are all based off the full size chevy truck frame. They all use a variant of the Gen III/GenIV Small block chevy V8. In some cases its the exact same motor but typically Escalade are equipped with more powerful motors.

In 2002 the Escalade, Yukon and Tahoe were offered with the base LM7/L59 295hp 5.3 liter V8. The Yukon had the optional 335hp 6 liter LQ4. The Escalade had the optional 345hp 6 liter LQ9.

Interiorwise, they are near identical, the Cadillac has a slightly more upscale interior than the top of the line Tahoe, but the Yukon and Yukon Denali are pretty much on par with the Escalade.

Basically its depends on whichever one you can get cheaper and whichever one you like better. They are all essentially the same truck.

Q: going to tahoe – need SUV?
HI I am thinking about driving to tahoe next week. some people told me that i need an suv. Must i have one? i do have snow chains but if there is no storm, is the road to south tahoe typically well plowed? any advice ?

A: Some people seem to have this misconception that if you drive an SUV you do not need to put on chains, but this is only the case if your SUV is equipped with all-weather tires (which, trust me, is nearly never the case unless you shell the money out yourself). An SUV is not required, but 4-wheel drive can be a plus (in case you hit ice and land in a snow-bank) and cautiousness is a MUST (a lot of people drive way too fast, even with cleared road, and I have known 5 people who died in such a situation, so be cautious).

Sometimes in really terrible weather, I have seen people who can help you put on chains (and some people who you can actually pay to put chains on your car.) If you are not willing to put on chains yourself, however, I would not go through with your trip if there is a storm or excessive snow.

Q: Which SUV is better a 1995-2000 Chevy Tahoe or a 1995-2000 Chevy Blazer ?
I thinking about buying one but don’t know which is better in maintenance,gas,as less problems with the engine,as 4WD,and is going to run for ever.
Also dependable for a work truck and to haul my kids in.

A: I would go with the Chevy Tahoe it has more caro space than the Chevy Blazer’s.

Q: SUV recommendations? What about Tahoe?
My family recently expanded and I want to buy an SUV. I am primarily interested in the Chevy/GMC Tahoe or Suburban or similarly sized vehicles.

I am not interested in a new one (i.e. can’t afford it) and hope to spend between $6K-$12K on a used model from the late 1990s/early 2000s.

Do you have any recommendations? Experience with these vehicles or know of any problems?


A: Well with that car you will either get one that will not break or it will be trouble, trouble, trouble. Chevy’s are great and nice and big but reliability wise they are not the best. I cannot think of a car that size that is equivalent but if you were to go a little smaller there is the Toyota 4Runner and the Honda Pilot which or both great cars. Doesn’t sound like you want a mini van but both Toyota and Honda make good ones. There is the ford expedition but i don’t think it will get you better reliability just different style. My suggestion would be to test drive like crazy and hopefully find one you like. Hope that helps

Q: looking to buy a Durango, Tahoe or other big SUV?
I have found a really nice Dodge Durango and its everything that we want. My husband says that he wants a tahoe or Yukon. Does anyone drive one of these. What is the best I really want the durango. But he says they don’t drive well any advice???

A: well im a GM guy so i’d say a tahoe or yukon, i never driven a durango but it all depends on if you’ll need a full size SUV or if all you’ll need is a small to mid-size SUV, i’d suggest to get something 4×4 to, of course i’ll suggest a chevy or GMC but a ford or dodge would be fine to, just don’t get an import

Q: SUV recommendations? Tahoe?
This isn’t a hunting question…but I know a lot of hunters drive trucks and SUVs…

My family recently expanded and I want to buy an SUV. I am primarily interested in the Chevy/GMC Tahoe or Suburban or similarly sized vehicles.

I am not interested in a new one (i.e. can’t afford it) and hope to spend between $6K-$12K on a used model from the late 1990s/early 2000s.

Do you have any recommendations? Experience with these vehicles or know of any problems?


A: Hey: Forget about the Chevy. Get a Toyota 4 Runner and you will never look back. I had a 1989 4 cylinder and I ran it for 12 years and 312K miles. One day it died and I still sold it for 500 dollars. Try that with a Chevy.

Q: Why do the Yukon and Tahoe SUVs cost so much more than the Ford Expedition?
The Ford is a little bit smaller, but is it just as good a vehicle? Will it not last as long?

A: The Tahoe will cost a little more than a comparably equipped Expedition, about $1000 more. But you get a better warranty, better fuel economy, a more powerful engine, better turning diameter, more ground clearance, more cargo room, more standard seating capacity, more payload capacity, more standard equipment, On Star, etc.

The Tahoe is much better for a little more money.

In general, the GMC Yukon will cost more but include even more standard equipment than its Chevrolet counterpart.

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